Enhance access and improve experience

Our Mission

We aim to create a unique experience for your patients by making it more convenient to use various health services by offering them a range of mechanisms and channels for interaction at times and in a manner that suits them.

Our Vision

Reducing clinical and administrative burden and optimizing the gathering and sharing of information so that it can be used more effectively, thereby improving workflows, productivity and performance.


Use Case

Various points of care using a single, integrated Telemedicine platform.

Virtual OPD

Manage schedules, reschedule or cancel appointments the way that they would normally do and so from a location of their choice

Second Opinion

A patient can consult a specialist with all the diagnostic reports in a virtual environment where she can leave her notes and plan of action.


Private and secure access for specialised counselling and other mental health needs. Patient records and sessions are fully encrypted.

Peer to Peer

Effective Live collaboration across multiple domains within the organization thereby reducing lead times & enabling faster decision making.

Med.Live Value Adds

Our technology combines a rich user experience, deep healthcare integration, advanced analytics, and data security. The result is a telehealth platform that enables integrated care delivery across healthcare systems.

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  1. 1
    Increase Patient Reach

    Patients care most about access and convenience. Med.Live is the easiest way for a patient to access quality consultations..

  2. 2
    Increased Patient Satisfaction

    Cut through the hassles of long waiting times and let patients be in the comfortable environments of their homes.

  3. 3
    Increased Efficiency

    Optimal usage of a consultant’s time, ability for the consultants to collaborate with their peers and dependant providers.

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